Book Review: The Secret

You’ve probably heard of this book, because if you haven’t, then I should let you that it’s really well-known, like REALLY well-known. Maybe the cover of the book will help you ring a bell?

And as always, some quick stats on this book:

  • 198 pages
  • Published November, 2006
  • New York Times Bestseller


Many people have said that this book changed their life forever. I can’t say the same. But who knows? I just finished the book. The Secret offered great insights into the power of positive thinking and how we can attract what we want into the universe with just our thoughts. There were also experts to share their take on the secret, but I wished there were more stories of everyday people who implemented it and how it has worked for them. The book also becomes repetitive after a while. The same message was being shared over and over again in different words. I feel like this book has definitely been overrated by the media. Maybe it would’ve left a better impression if the media didn’t advertise it as LIFE-CHANGING. At least now I know how to use the secret. Let’s just see if it works!


The Verdict

Rating: 3.5/5

Give it a read and tell me if you’re blown away like everyone else.


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