Today’s mindful activity incorporates exercise. It’s yoga. I looked at various yoga classes online and I ended up on a website called And like the website suggested, I did yoga with them. I followed along a 50-minute session called Lines, Angles, and Loops. It was more work than I expected and I found myself sweating by the end of the session. Here are some snippets from the lesson:


And here are some benefits of yoga:

  1. It improves your circulation, especially in the hands and feet. Yoga can boost hemoglobin and red blood cell levels, which carries oxygen to the tissues. This can prevent blood clots, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes.
  2. Yoga prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. This can prevent arthritis. Yoga helps us to be in positions that we aren’t normally in, making our joints experience their full range of motion.
  3. Yoga can help you focus and with regular practice, yoga can improve coordination, reaction time, and memory. This is because while practicing yoga, your mind is concentrated on the movement of the body and your breath.




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